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Stark's T shirts and Sweatshirts

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

Stay warm, stay cool. Stark's T-shirts and sweatshirts, are comfortable and made to last and designed to be fun and memorable.

For 75 years Stark's Sport Shop has been supplying sportsmen and women with quality gear and we wanted to make sure everyone had something to wear and remember your time on or near the Mississippi River, whether you live here or are just visiting. Come on in and pick up a few shirts while your here.  

Stark's T-Shirts
Mississippi River Rat, Prairie du Chien
Stark's Sport Shop T-Shirt
T-Shirts & Sweat Shirts
Show your SW Wisconsin pride with t-shirts & sweatshirts or if you have been visiting our beautiful area and would like something to remember your visit, something you wear is a great way to remember. Plus all our t-shirts and sweatshirts and well made and very comfortable.
Even for t-shirts and sweatshirts, Stark's Price is best so you should pick up a few shirts for yourself and a few for the folks back at home. 
Mississippi River Rats
What is a Mississippi River Rat? Some may think it is a derogatory term. Some years ago it was, but the term Mississippi River Rat has changed and is now a term of endearment and commentary.  Today in Prairie du Chien, a Mississippi River Rat defined as a person that enjoys spends a fair amount of time on the river, either fishing, relaxing, boating, hunting or anything else they enjoy doing on or by the river.  So if this sounds like you or you wish it was you stop in when you're nearby and pick up your own Stark's Mississippi River Rats sweatshirt or t-shirt.
Stark's Sport Shop Prairie du Chien WI
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