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Hunting Guns at Prairie du Chien, Stark'
Hunting Guns & Whole Lot More
When it comes to shotguns and rifles Stark's Sport Shop has been selling the best for over 75 years and our price has always been best.
We have handpicked the best hunting guns by the best brand, like Benelli Ruger, Henry & many more. We have also been very selective in choosing the ammo we carry to be the very best at the best price because we know how important your time in the field is and our customers have asked for the best. Duck, deer, pheasant, quail or elk, no matter the game we have the guns and ammunition you. Stop in and see why Stark's Price IS  Best. 
Henry Rifles at Stark's
Shotgun shells - Ammo
You can shop anywhere you want, but you don't have to pay more when you shop at Stark's for your next rifle. Our store is fully loaded with rifles from Marlin, Henry, Smith & Wesson, and Benelli. If you need a .22 for small game or a Ruger .375 we've covered the full spectrum of hunting rifles.
Looking for something unique? Call us or stop in to learn about our custom rifles available through the manufactures 
When is the best time to buy ammo? At Stark's anytime is the best time because our price is always the best. Whatever your game we have you covered. Because we hunt too we understand your terminal ballistic needs for your prey.
Surrounding Prairie du Chien is some of the best waterfowl and deer hunting in the country stop in today and get stock up on plenty of birdshot and deer slugs.   (Disclaimer)
Hunting shootguns
Shot Guns
10, 12, 16, 20, and 28 gauge, every size shotgun your going to need is in stock here at Stark's Sport Shop, here in Prairie du Chien. We are surrounded by the best timber, fields, and wetlands in the country for hunting deer, and fowl. So you should have the best shotguns available.
Come on in and see why we always say, Stark's Price is Best. 
Hunting apparel & accessories
Stark's knows hunting and Hunters that's why we carry a wide variety of apparel and accessories, so you can have a more successful and comfortable hunt. 
  • Hand & Foot warmer

  • Gun Cleaning Kits

  • Hunting Knives & Sheers 

  • Baselayers

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Ruger Guns
benelli for sale at Stark's
Henry Guns
Browning Guns
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Remington guns
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