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New & Used Boat Sales Prairie du Chien, WI

New Boat Sales Inventory
We carry a full line of Crestliner, ALUMACraft & War Eagle Boats, We've selling boats to loyal customers for over 50 years. Give us a call for the best pricing you've ever seen.  Click here to see our latest inventory or give us a call to make sure you get the exact boat you're looking for at the low price you were not expecting.
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Used Boat Sales Inventory
Are you looking for a great deal? Then a used boat may be a good option. If you looking for a starter boat, a second boat or a project boat, take a look at our used boat inventory here. Whether you are looking for a used boat or looking to trade your used boat for something new give us a call today at 608-326-2478.


Boat and Marine Promotions
More 2024 Promotions Soon.
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